Young Fathers – Heavy Heavy

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The Edinburgh-based trio “Young Fathers” – Hastings, Massoquoi, and Bankole – have released their fourth album since 2018’s “Cocoa Sugar“, the genreless 10-track “Heavy Heavy” via Ninja Tune. With this project, they have taken a renewed back-to-basics approach, setting up in their basement studio with only their equipment and microphones, constantly plugged in and always within reach.

“Undeniably steeped in humanity. There are so many ways it can go. There’s a contradiction; there’s a spiritual element. It’s antagonists, anthemic, all these adjectives that describe certain things we all resonate with as humans”. ~ Massoquoi

“It’s straight-faced joy. You’re very serious about how you’re dancing because it’s a natural release. What I see is a rhythmic toil. It’s ancient. People dance from the gut rather than the head, whether through protest or dance”. ~ Hasting

Music is a powerful, universal language that speaks to the soul. The explosive track “I Saw” by Young Fathers, accompanied by a David Uzochukwu-directed chilling video, evokes a wide range of emotions in me. At first, the haunting and beautifully sad antagonistic music fills me with sadness. However, as the song progresses, I begin to feel joy. Ultimately, music is subjective. You are free to interpret and make sense of it however you like.

The weight that we’ve been carrying is now yours. Do what you want with it. ~ Young Fathers

Young Fathers have garnered acclaim from fans and fellow musicians, including David Byrne, who featured seven of their tracks, including a unique composition, in his Trainspotting sequel. Their mixtapes Tape One (2011) and Tape Two (2013) both won the Scottish Album of the Year, and the group has since continued to push musical boundaries.

In 2018, Young Fathers’ “Cocoa Sugar” earned a Top 30 spot on the UK Album Chart and the Scottish Album of the Year Award. That same year, the album was nominated for Album of the Year at the Ivor Novello Awards and Independent Album of the Year at the AIM Awards. Their acclaimed albums “DEAD” (2014) and “White Men Are Black Men Too,” the latter of which won a Mercury Prize.

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