YellowStraps ft: Sam Wise – flowin

With the premiere of the new visual for “Flowin” which features a collaboration with Rapper Sam Wise, the neo-soup hip-hop duo from Brussels is igniting the Belgian neo-soul scene. The Offical video is directed by Rob Knudsen and Yvan Murenzi. The Cinematographer’s use of colour sets the tone and mood, depicting the paradox of love until it hurts. “Flowin” is produced and composed by Jalam88, Halibab Matador, and VYNK. The new track is off YellowStraps’ upcoming 13-track album project “Tentacle“, and will be released on Jan 27th, 2023.

YellowStraps is a Belgian neo-soul hip-hop duo comprised of two brothers, Yvan (vocals) and Alban (guitar) Murenzi. They were born in Rwanda, grew up in Uganda, and relocated to Belgium, in the suburbs of Brussels. Heavily inspired and Influenced by the UK neo-soul and RnB scene. They started making music on their own, before meeting Belgian producer Le Motel. They gained notoriety with the 2020 debut EP, “Yellockdown Project” mixtape, establishing themselves in the Belgian neo-soul hip-hop scene.

The album is about the complexity of love and relationships and the feeling of being stuck in an uncomfortable situation, like by tentacles and you are struggling to get out. In another way, you can also see it as a hug. I wanted to depict that paradox of love on my album. If I had to summarize the album in only a few words, I would say: Love is torture, but I still love.”

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