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Skematics feat. Sean Price “Thou Art God”

Skematics feat. Sean Price “Thou Art God”

Skematic shares with New Visuals of the late great legend Sean Price (RIP).
Thou Art God is the 3rd single off of Skematic’s “Somewhere In The Gray EP”. It features Brooklyn legend Sean Price (RIP) and is produced by East Uticas Panassassin.

Before Sean past away, Skematics and him were in talks about shooting the music video, Due to his untimely death, they collected rare footage and a never before heard Sean Price verse, recorded at a cipher alongside Skematics that is premiered at the end. The video is directed by longtime Skematics collaborator JD Ferenc.

You can stream on soundcloud above and or support your artist by purchasing the single off the “Somewhere In The Gray EP” on iTunes and Amazon.

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