Jacob Banks – Unholy War ( Music Video )

Unholy War” is the first of two parts inspired by real life and covering topics of war and prejudice, from Jacob Banks’ upcoming EP “The Boy Who Cried Freedom” which is due out this April.

“The oppressed outnumber the oppressors, protect your magic, freedom is on the move.”

Bank’s vocals alone are stunning and layered with emotion and raw tone, that invokes honesty and compassion. Combine that element with the amazing cinematography, shot in Westcliffe Colorado and Directed by Cody Laplant and Co-Directed by Banks’ we see and emotional story of a father (Played by Brandon-Anubis Heru-Cole) who sends his young son (Played by Brandon’s real-life son)  away from home to protect him from danger, while a man on horseback (Played by Max Stafford) rides to face his father in a final stand-off.

Additional Credits:

“The visual is inspired by real life; a lot of people are marked and oppressed for things that are out of their control. This video is just the beginning of a story that will be told in several parts and in different ways throughout the project.” ~ Jacob Banks

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Born in Nigeria and based in England, 25-year-old singer/songwriter Jacob Banks creates soul music that’s uncompromisingly honest but thrillingly cinematic. A self-taught musician who began singing, playing guitar, and writing songs at the age of 20, Banks got his start at open mic nights around Birmingham in 2011 and quickly won major attention for his commanding vocal presence and daringly intimate songwriting. In early 2013 he released his powerful debut EP The Monologue, earning feverish acclaim that soon saw him supporting such artists as Emeli Sandé and Alicia Keys on tour. Read more here.

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