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Directed by Cezur & Jawney Quest | Produced by No Luck

Brooklyn Artist Cezur drops the first installment of a two-part video for his single “BACKPACK” produced by No Luck. The opening scene takes place in Brooklyn, NY. We follow Cezur and his comrades through a day on the streets in the Brownsville area giving the audience an honest perspective of growing up in his neighborhood. Peep “BACKPACK” directed by Cezur and Jawney Quest.

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Mother Gaston was one of the cross streets that I went to school Elementary to Middle school and lived around the corner from. I learned and did so much over by those sides. It was important for me to mention that, and base the video off of it. I wanted to amp the vibe a bit for the second verse so I went out with my bro to Old Timers, an annual Brownsville “festival” that brings people of all ages out into the project yards, and onto the streets. I wound up in the Plaza, and 30 mins into chilling, niggas start yelling, and everybody (300+ ppl in the courtyard) starts running cause a shootout was about to bust out all while we were filming. It was so real, and so Brooklyn, I just had to cut it in. I just wanted to explain the foundations and thought process that went into developing this video. ~ Cezur

The opening lines epitomize the visual for me. “This take me back to the backpack, Skelly top on the crack path, Same place they let the gat “blat”, How the fuck we posed to act bruh? Momma ask me why I act up On Mother Gas with some bastards” ~ Cezur

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