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ChiRaq Vet – Mic Taylor

Mic Taylor has been in the studio relentlessly preparing for his debut album. In the process, Taylor has recorded an EP and several other gems like this one. After a hectic winter filled with shows and promo, Taylor plans to drop his album Spring 2015.

Mic Taylor is a 21-year-old emcee from the Altgeld Gardens projects on the far southside of Chicago, IL. His hard origins gave him room to prosper – and prosper he has. Taylor has not only used his music as an avenue to escape the poverty-stricken fate of many of his counterparts, but also to spread messages, express his creativity, tell intricate stories, and everything in between.

Taylor has also had success as a baseball player and a college student. Multiple injuries had led to the demise of his baseball career, but Taylor has never been one to stop. A man of passion, Taylor had no choice but to pursue his first love: hip-hop. Taylor started his music career with a few of his lifetime friends whom he maintains personal and business relationship with today. He started recording his early work himself, along with mixing and mastering. Taylor boasts a hard work ethic, releasing about 70 songs and a few projects within a year, and that number is still rising. His music has led to him working with the likes of Syleena Johnson & Rhymefest amongst others; all of this with no manager and a small but growing fanbase. Taylor has emerged on the hip-hop scene displaying unique, witty lyricism and a keen sense of versatility. He draws comparisons to artists such as J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Nas, etc. but always finds a way to set himself apart. Taylor is constantly showing the music world that he is here to stay!

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