Rod Wave – Break My Heart

Rod Wave returns with new visuals to ‘Break My Heart‘ directed by Dre Beas from his upcoming album ‘Jupiter Diaries: The 7 Day Theory‘ set to arrive on November 17. The track is produced by TrillGotJuice, TnTXD & Colorado and features a sample of ‘Love Me More‘ by Sam Smith

Every time this man blesses a track it’s gon hit, in any mood and always hits the soul chords. Even though he might have been in the game for just a minute, but he has paved his own way, to the top.

I got stabbed in my back and crossed so many times
I don’t know who to trust, think everybody lyin’ (Lyin’)
I be finna give up, ’cause I’m so tired of tryin’ (Tryin’)
Crawl under a rock, and isolate my mind (Mind)
I don’t want no broke friends ’cause I’m larger than a bitch (Larger)
Don’t want no rap friends, ’cause they be flawer than a bitch

If you’re not familiar with his music be sure to check out the ‘SoulFly‘ album with stand-out tracks such as ‘How the Game Go,’ ‘Don’t Forget,’ ‘Street Runner,’ and ‘Tombstone.’

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