M-Dot – egO anD The eneMy

Boston award winning and veteran MC

Boston award winning and veteran MC M-Dot paints a lucid world that navigates vivid storyline landscapes & morbid fantasies evoking an undertone that embodies the parallels between pride & fear. The 17 track excursion showcases a genuine tour de force of a conceptually mapped out dream realm trapped in self-reflection. The instrumentation that accompanies M-Dot’s syllable acrobatics is laced by a legendary production dream-team. Facilitating board work for the traverse incandescent are Hi-Tek, Marley Marl, Large Professor, Buckwild, Khrysis, Marco Polo, Snowgoons & more. ‘egO anD The eneMy’ also maintains classic form with minimal guest-verse offerings, nevertheless when it does….it’s of paramount means. Method Man & Camp Lo partake in the project’s vast imagination almost seamlessly. Rounding out the all-star contributions are DJ JS-1 & 7L on scratch duties.  This is part 1…….

People alway ask me what makes a good album, I respond with life. It can hurt, it can love, it can be a bitch or make you rich. M-Dot not only delivers a relentless showcase of his perfected rap skills and penmanship but the ability to make it relatable. Like a perfect storm, it all comes together with an undeniable and talented group of features, high-profile producers, and engineers.

If your fan of Hip Hop or not “egO anD The eneMy” has something for everyone, taking us on a journey of life, the ups and downs the ins and outs, fatherhood, relationships, and society.

Intro – Prod. By KAN

In soft yet eerie melodic intro, we listen to the “ego” try to grab ahold of us, in what we think is a perfect interpretation of the album cover.

Dreamscape – Prod. By Marco Polo

Jump right in, The push and pull of the beat revs it up like a Kawasaki, so even if you’ve never heard of M-Dot, I guaranty this first track will set the tone for the quality and talent of both the artist and the production on this project. The Marco Polo produced track allows M-Dot’s flow and style to instantly connect with the listener.

Foreign – Prod. By Jon Glass

M-Dot delivers a straight up lyrical annihilation directly into your cranium, unfiltered and raw over a super sick beat produced by Jon Glass. With legendary Rap influences from the likes of Big Pun, 2Pac, Guru, Redman and Onyx to name a few we can hear the hard work, constancy and perfection M-Dot is pursuing for with each track on this project.

Days Are All The Same – Prod. By Hi Tek

With so many people stuck in their phones and virtual worlds, possibly birthing a generation of people with a lack of empathy or a sense of connection to the real world, M-Dot vents his thoughts over this hard hitting beat produced by Hi-TeK.  This is easily the best track on the project and couldn’t be more relevant.

“Chicks regurgitating thinking they’ll look right/ dudes increase the murder-rate try to live that hood life/ It’s all the same, each day starts with pain, they need us divided till that gun shell parts our brain/ Kid’s depressed cause he got no love on Snapchat/ His mom’s depressed cause her Tinder don’t chat back.” – M-Dot

Chrissy – Prod. By Buckwild

M-Dot takes us into a darker element with the track “Chrissy“ as it follows a troubled young girl as she finds herself disenchanted and inevitably trapped in a bleak world eclipsed in misery. M-Dot concernedly narrates her ominous downfall while elaborately depicting all the serpents that eat off her along the way.

The production by Buckwild creates a haunting and chaotic soundscape that complements the narrative of this song allowing each beat and bar to amplify M-Dots words.

Nomads Ft. Krumb Snatcha – Prod. By Khrysis – Cuts By DJ DJaz

Make no mistake that M-Dot is from Boston but being an artist can have you on the road away from home, like that of the nomads who moved from place to place.  This is our second favorite track from this project, the beat is straight fire and with the perfect guest feature from Krumb Snatcha makes this a straight head nod from start to end.

The Empathy – Prod. By Large Professor

M-Dot continues his onslaught of verbal acrobatics on this track, produced by Large Professor. the track doesn’t consist of complicated arrangements but rather provides M-dot a platform to shine on.

Gleamin’ Ft. B.A.M – Prod. & Cuts By Marley Marl

This gritty and jazzy joint oozes authentic 100% Hip Hop as M-Dot and B.A.M.  trade verses with some sick cuts by Marley Marl.  My only request is that M-dot does a B-Side or extended version of this track!

Give It To Me – Prod. By Jon Glass

Jon Glass delivers yet another dope production as M-Dot keeps the pedal on the gas without letting up to this anthem-like track that reminds me of that Gang Starr track “step in the arena”

Fugazzi Ft. Jaysaun – Prod. By LX Beats

A Reggae infused Hip Hop track is a nice surprise on this album and earns our third favorite track of this project. M-Dot  and Jaysaun trade verses over the slick production by LX Beats

No Excuses  – Prod. By Snowgoons – Cuts By DJ JS-1

First off, we are a huge fan of the Snowgoons but this is one of those tracks that takes a bit to grow on you, it would be interesting if they did a remix to this.

Shine Ft. Method Man & Dominique Larue – Prod. By Soulplusmind

If you haven’t seen the video to this track stop and go check it out!

Over the course of the 4 minute vividly illustrated parable, “Shine” imaginatively depicts a group of young, ‘Independent’ minds fighting through the covert grip of their oppressors in order to once again illuminate society. The video uniquely showcases the constant conflict between good vs. evil, light vs. darkness. Most evident is the cautionary underlying that the ‘underground’ will not remain dormant forever… eventually, WE will SHINE through!

Meow Mix – Prod. By Jon Glass

Jon Glass has two great tracks on this project but this last one, I’ll have to let resonate. It might be one of those joints you need to be in a certain mind frame for.

True Lies Ft. Camp Lo & Tribeca – Prod. & Cuts By LP2

Hip Hop, straight up! this track comes in as our 4th favorite track off of the project, M-Dot, Camp Lo & Tribeca, What more can I say except press play!

Reliant – Prod. By Whatson – Cuts By DJ 7L

I’ve always been a fan of this style of country and rock influenced Hip Hop, it creates an edge and drives the beat, while allowing the artist to sit nicely in the pocket of the track.  M-Dot doesn’t miss a beat, like a sure shot gunslinger, it’s high noon and he hits you with the hard truth of being reliant on a drink.

The Cuts by DJ 7L should not be slept on and take this track up a notch for us.

Death To Raquel –  Prod. By Soulplusmind

Another dope joint from the producer Soulplusmind delivering that raw Hip Hop, setting the stage for M-Dot to do his thing, although we personally prefer the “Shine” track over this one, the entire album has been on point.

911 – Prod. By Es-K

M-Dot closes out the project with another dark track, as he delivers again on relaying his emotions in every verse that brings this project together as a cohesive whole echoing the title “egO anD The eneMy” 


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