LyriQ The Misfit – Indigo Soul

Chicago artist, LyriQ The Misfit recently premiered his 10-track “Indigo Soul” project, with production by ENG Creation, Cody Rounds, and Toph. It’s a project that digs deep into self-examination and self-exploration in relation to the things going on around him.

The Program which was produced by ENG Creation, creates a wonderful and intriguing intro track for the artist, building a surreal ambiance which grabs the listener’s attention immediately. LyriQ The Misfit is quoted saying that the track was about self-awareness and gaining the insight of things around him, although he never felt like the answers he found were right, he eludes to finding a calmness in solitude.

We love how this track is complete yet incomplete capturing a moment not yet satisfied with or unsatisfied with.

Am I? Which was produced by KayLib and Keiten continues this subtle mood carving a nice spot in the production to really showcase his vocals and earthy human tones. LyriQ The Misfit continues the lucid dream like flows, that lend themselves to some sort of late night personal reflection on contemplating life.

Moon Flower which features vocalist Oliv Blu and production from ENG Creation creates the musical equivalent of pure solitude and deep reflections, in which Oliv Blu’s vocals compliment the production as LyriQ The Misfit’s flow continues to keep you on edge and captivated throughout the track.

Suicidal Tendencies is another track produced by ENG Creation with dark overtones and what I’ll call organized confusion, the production continues to give that dream state vibe and feel. LyriQ The Misfit’s says that “in my darkest hours God always found a way to guide me towards the light. No matter what I did with that light.”  Another notable part of this track is how it gets to a certain level of excitement but never goes too far above that boundary.

Comatose almost feels like LyriQ The Misfit is being put through a kaleidoscope, not sure where to go or what direction will lead you out, the production by ENG Creation stays true to that erratic confusion or uncertainty.

Wake Up Call which is produced by Cody Rounds makes sense of Comatose like waking up from a bad dream, we get back to that familiar sound and flow of LyriQ The Misfit. The production again really allows the artist to shine, while playing a background to the main vocals.

I think a huge note should be made to how cohesive the entire project has been this far and a huge shout out to tree. who recorded, mixing and mastered the project.

2 AM featuring Amare Symone and produced by Toph gives an edgier jazzy fusion type vibe that is almost less grainer then the rest of the tracks so far but fits perfectly with being wide awake at 2AM , almost as if it’s a moment of clarity or some representation of an epiphany.

You Down featuring Brittney Carter and produced by Thovo continues the jazzy fusion vibe like life almost on autopilot, and out of your control. Brittney Carter vocals sit perfectly within the groove and bounce perfectly with the tones and flow that LyriQ The Misfit brings to the track.

Homeless which is produced by ENG Creation is another track that lends it’s self to that erratic style, but we are not too sure that it works completely this time, with LyriQ The Misfit vocals getting slightly lost in the mix.

Amerikkka which features Oliv Blu and is produced by Thovo takes a slight turn to the political state of the United States, and the harshness of the violence and police brutality in the past years.

In Conclusion, this project will allow you to look at yourself and although one could question one’s self-worth, LyriQ The Misfit says it best by choosing who he’s going to be and you just get to spectate and watch his story unfold.

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LyriQ The Mi$FiT is a Chicago(West Side) Hip Hop Artist. LyriQ wants to push the boundaries of not only his music but the thinking process of his audience(fan base). All of his music is based on self-examination and self-exploration in relation to the things going on around him.

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