Atlanta artist 6LACK (pronounced “black”) currently free from a past label deal in 2011 recently debut his album “FREE 6LACK”.

The project doesn’t have any features which really allows the listener to focus in on 6LACK’s vocals as a person, singer, songwriter and artist more so than a brand.

Every once in a while, an album cover comes along that combines creativity and simplicity that invokes an artist’s message perfectly. Check out the post from “Pigeons and Planes” on “The Story Behind One of the Best Album Covers of the Year.

“Yeah. I feel like as big and vicious as a bear can be, a bear also has grounding qualities. They’re peaceful in a way, and they have qualities that are healing in a way. With this album, I wanted it to be powerful, I wanted it to be aggressive, but I also wanted it to be calming. I want people to feel something. Regardless of how personal it can be at sometimes, and how intense the message is, it can still give you a soothing feel. That’s what I feel when I think about a bear.” ~ 6LACK

So what can you expect from the album, well, in short, it’s a blend of mid-tempo tracks that reflects on the artist’s life, ranging from topics of being homeless, label issues, growing up on the Eastside of Atlanta and more…

FREE - 6lack

Never Know is the perfect track to start off this album, in which it speaks about his creative freedom from his past label and controlling his own future. 6LACK also shares with us the joy of a child on the way from jaycina (21yo model from ATL) and making the right decisions that won’t mess that child’s life up.

With production from Aleksi Asiala , Alexander Leone, MD$ & Fwdslxsh this mid-tempo track creates the perfect sonic build and atmosphere to complement the artist’s vocals and message, leaving enough space and melodic accents to keep the 4 minutes intriguing enough to want to hit replay on this track multiple times.

Rules the second track on the album and although it follows suit in regards to the tempo, the track has a slightly darker overtone in which 6LACK reflects and talks about how he’s now independent not only from his old label but life in general and how he has his own rules now.

With production from Singawd, OZ & Syk Sense this track’s beat is fire for the jump allowing for 6LACK’s melodic vocals to take it all to the next level, this an instant hit for sure.

PRBLMS is an instantly relatable track to anyone who is or has been in a relationship, 6LACK states he wants someone who is down to earth as he is but ends up with someone who wants everything, which exposes that she doesn’t want the same things out of life as he does. As the song unfolds we see that although he’s influenced this girl and helped her become who she is today, he’s moved on and isn’t letting her stress him out.

Be sure to peep the video to this track if you haven’t already with “Bam Bam” the bear!

Free, what is it about?, I wonder if is it about a relationship or an affirmation for his freedom from his past record deal, either way, this track is super smooth with production by Soundsbynova and is guaranteed to have you vibing along to it.

Learn Ya is that modern day “Sex Me” joint giving us that all the right musical elements produced by Jakob Rabitsch & Singawd and accompanied by 6LACK’s raw lyrics, vocal style and melodic tones allowing the listener to be closer to this intimate moment.

“MTFU” or “More Than Fucked Up” continues to peer into the relationship of 6LACK, the love, the cheating and a girl who was trying to sabotage the relationship for personal gains.

Being half way through this project I have to say that the production and sonic treatment of this project as a whole is on point in keeping with a mood and overall vibe. Stylistically I can’t wait to see some of these tracks get the visual treatments they deserve.

Luving U is another solid track from 6LACK as he dives deeper into this songwriting skills and vocal repertoire to give another emotional performance. This time 6LACK is reminiscing over the good time or bad times in the relationship looking to rekindle the love.

Gettin’ Old is just one of those tracks that would be a club hit with a Major Lazer remix. It instantly connects with the listener by starting out with a catchy hook and production by Breyan Issac who gives it that infectious melody with an overall rhythmic groove to it.

Worst Luck Produced By Jakob Rabitsch, JT Gagarin, Singawd, Childish Major, Roofeeo, Karl Rubin, Take A Daytrip & 6LACK is an acoustic masterpiece as 6LACK is trying to FREE his lady to live life without him instead of Freeing himself, it’s a sobering track that although simple in structure lays the foundation for vocals to resonate in an emotionally haunting fashion.

Ex Calling is a track that 6LACK remixes Future’s “Perkys Calling,” off his Purple Reign mixtape, with production from Southside and continues to peer into the relationship of 6LACK, this time his ex is wanting to get back into his life but he wants no part of it. The tracks simple format and catchy drum loop along with the low-end bass, is screaming out for a Drake & Future feature on this joint.

Alone / EA6 is the last track on the project and I have thoroughly enjoyed each track, I think 6LACK’s words best describe this track and I encourage you to listen to his music and get to know him more through it.

“Half of them don’t even know your name. I don’t want that, I want people to know who the fuck I am. I want people to know what I stand for. I want people to be personal and know, “This is 6LACK, this is what he believe in….” ~ 6BLACK


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