Devine Carama – Kingtucky

After releasing the lyrical “God Said I’m the Nicest (interlude)” & the soulful “Lake Full of Regrets”, Devine Carama drops his long awaited full-length album, Kingtucky!

He  also blesses us with  a new visual entitled “Jewels In My Crown” which features a medley of new songs off the album.

Devine Carama gives us 23 track album, (25) songs if you include the 2 bonus tracks with the bulk of production done by Philly producer Obvious, with features appearances from Sheisty Khrist, Allen Poe, River Greene and more!.

This is not  your late night Trap album or Dance Hall joint but a conscious lyrical verbal assault on your cranium, like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles warrior cry, “Cowabunga!” this whole project comes with knowledge and wisdom.

One of the key elements of 90’s Hip Hop was the clarity of the story and the realness of the MC to reflect the situation of the elements of his or her life and the surroundings good or bad. Devine continues to deliver this realness throughout the project.

If I’m being over critical Some of the interludes and one-minute tracks seem slightly unnecessary, which leads me to my stand out tracks from this project

Pages Full of Rhymes

With production from Obvious (Taj Ricketts) and JK-47 (J.K. Whyce) with the scratches, this oozes classic Hip Hop, allowing Devine to deliver his story as an homage to those with pages full of rhymes.

Rather Unique

Another dope track produced by Obvious (Taj Ricketts) and E.F. Cuttin (Elgin Figgs) with the scratches offers a great sonic transition from “Pages Full of Rhymes”  almost as if last track didn’t get your attention, Devine is standing up now speaking directly to you expressing his life’s joys and struggles.

“Never celebrated drama got a passion for peace, but I’m woke so I document the blacks and police, I’ve got no Achilles heel, my flow battles with greeks. It’s so real I hold my skill with the craft till it peak and the shackles are free, I’m a rapper who speaks, so pass the M.I.C.  because I’m Rather Unique.” – Devine Carama

Couplets of the Holy Grail

Keeping us locked in with more sick production by Obvious (Taj Ricketts) and E.F. Cuttin (Elgin Figgs) with the scratches, and with Devine continuing to deliver the solid bars and sick flow makes for some fresh Hip Hop.


This is for sure my favourite track of the project, with dynamic duo ( Obvious (Taj Ricketts) and E.F. Cuttin ) back on the track again, we get that raw Hip Hop sound unfazed without any unnecessary audibles as Devine enlists Sheisty Khrist (Hendrick Floyd) to join him on the track for yet another round of sick bars.

Training Day f. D’Lee

With production by Obvious (Taj Ricketts) the beat will have you up at 5AM running up the steps to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, like Rocky as Devine invites D’Lee (David Lee) to share the stage on this high energy and fluid track.

God Said I’m the Nicest

The simplistic, yet effective production of Obvious (Taj Ricketts) and the well-placed scratches of JK-47 (J.K. Whyce) should really be noted. Devine’s creative process and thoughts shine through on this track accompanied by D’Lee (David Lee). This is my second favorite track on this project.

In or Out  ( Bonus Track )

Devine and Vegas Posada over a dope beat, its bars over bars!

devine carama

devine carama

Support Devine Carama and all the people who came together to make this project happen by grabbing your copy of “Kingtucky” today!

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