McKinley Dixon – Run, Run, Run

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Chicago-based rapper McKinley Dixon drops his new single and accompanying music video Run, Run, Run.  by Slopehouse productions featuring Kris Rhodes and Ennis Martin. The song is off his upcoming album, “Beloved! Paradise! Jazz!?,” out on June 2nd. It marks his official full-length debut!

The title pays homage to Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison’s beloved trilogies of novels, which McKinley has previously called “the greatest rapper ever. As such, he continues her tradition of intense introspection and uplifting escapism with a sobering perspective on the modern American experience.

Partial Lyrics “running from the guns, point and shoot, we used to played up on the playground, running from the guns, who thought, hardest part would be for me to stay down, running from the gun, breaks my heart, if you decide to fly away now, running from the guns, i am, running from the guns i saw that boy, then i saw his soles, wondering what songs this canary holds, glad he off the wall, and his wings unfold, whole block gone cheer when he makes it home, holding heavy heart really makes it worse, til we found the only way for us to lift that curse, if we run to a place where they know our worth,”

Quote “The cover of Beloved! Paradise! Jazz!? Came to fruition when I sent the album to artist Ladon Alex with little to no description,” McKinley says of the album artwork. “I told him to listen to the album and draw what he felt would describe what he heard. What he brought back was this beautiful portrayal of afro-futurism. We are both fans of anime and sci-fi, so Ladon created the narrative of this boy inside a room with his power about to be unleashed. Since the cover is the first thing you see, the album then is presented as the magic that the boy contains. The story unfolds.”

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