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Multi-diamond certified Grammy Award®-winning artist Macklemore releases his self-titled album, “Ben,” produced by Budo. It candidly reflects his struggles with relapse and recovery, giving an intimate insight into the hardships of battling addiction.

Macklemore takes us on an intense ride with his music and clear-thinking lyrics directly addressing his experiences and truths. He effectively weaves his intimate stories and struggles with searing insight into a unique 15-track album.

Macklemore’s third studio album “Ben” features a star-studded line-up of rappers and producers, including DJ Premier, Tones and I, NLE Choppa, Jackson Lee Morgan, Livingston, Vic Daggs II, Charlieonnafriday, Morray, Sarah Barthel of Phantogram, Collett, and Windsor.

Listen to “Heroes” and “Grime,” crafted with a classic boom-bap production by Budo, and masterfully cuts by the legendary DJ Premier (Preemo).

“I wrote FAITHFUL after a 2020 relapse that brought me back to familiar darkness I naively thought I had escaped. It’s a personal song for me, reflecting on my struggles with addiction. As long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be clean, yet the disease I have is always present; it always follows me. The record explores the presence of addiction in every facet of my life and how pervasive and insidious it can be.”

Today, Macklemore released the Sloane Haggerty-directed visuals for “NO BAD DAYS,” featuring Collett.

[Chorus: Collett]
I think that I’m lucky I don’t got it made
Everything I got could fit inside a suitcase yeah
They could try to make me quit yeah
Stay in your lane you ain’t on my road trip and
It’s kind of funny people throwing shade
I’m just doing me I don’t got no bad days yeah
They could try to make me quit yeah
Stay in your lane yeah we off that bullshit

“Songwriting is the glue for my entire career,” he leaves off. “If you’re not writing words that resonate, the music isn’t going to have depth, weight, or longevity. I’m not trying to follow. On this album, I’m being authentic to who I am. I’m reflecting on where I am in life. Turns out, I’ve learned a lot.”

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