Joyner Lucas – Devil’s Work 2

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Joyner Lucas recently dropped a new single, “Devils Work Part 2,” which is a sequel to his meditative 2020 track, “Devils Work.” As we anticipate the release of his upcoming album, “Not Now, I’m Busy.”

As the title suggests, “Devils Work Part 2 (Not Now, Im Busy)” tackles some heavy and thought-provoking themes. The song opens with Joyner Lucas questioning God and asking him to bring back some of the world’s most influential figures who died too soon.

Joyner Lucas’s frustration with God’s choices grows as the song progresses, as he questions why good people die young while “the wicked ones live forever.” He mentions his late friend and fellow rapper Juice WRLD, who died at 21, and wonders why his life was cut short. Joyner Lucas then goes on to criticize the current state of the world, calling out politicians, media, and society as a whole for their shortcomings.

Despite the heavy themes and criticism, “Devils Work Part 2 (Not Now, I’m Busy)” ends hopefully. Joyner Lucas acknowledges the importance of faith and encourages listeners to appreciate their loved ones while they’re still alive.

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