Hopsin – Arrival

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Hopsin returns with his latest visual to ‘Arrival‘ bringing something truly unique to the hip-hop world in what he calls ‘the Hop-Sinematic Universe.’

Taking his inspiration from the biggest names in the entertainment industry, Hopsin pushes Hip Hop’s boundaries, going beyond the status quo. The idea is a world of collision; imagine the musical brilliance of Hans Zimmer, the groundbreaking comic book artistry of Stan Lee, the thought-provoking filmmaking of Jordan Peele, the lyrical mastery of Eminem, and the anime genius of Akira Toriyama entering into one universe.

“I don’t wanna be safe anymore. So I’m going to create truly from the inner child within me without feeling like I have to fit the mould of whatever a rapper “should be.”

Director: Hopsin
Assistant Director: George Orozco
DP: Joshua Libertine
VFX: VfxJosh
Colour Grading: Shani Varner

Socials: Twitter and Instagram.

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