Album Art: Mancy Gant

South Central LA Rapper DUCKWRTH drops his much anticipated “an Xtra UUGLY” Mixtape. He’s an artist who might not have been on your radar but his latest genre-bending Mixtape, is bound to pick up a number of new fans. My personal standout tracks 1xtra, Michuul, Wake Up, TAMAGOTCHI, Mansions Freestyle and ThrowYoass.

Press play on “an XTRA UUGLY” Mixtape and ride the groove! Dial in and stay tuned with DUCKWRTH on Twitter and Instagram for more new music discovery.

XTRA UUGLY is about being unapologetically you. Walking in full UUGLY stride, screaming “No matter what they say, I DO IT anyway!”. This is the anthem for your rebellion. Smash the ordinary into pieces, and after that, build your own dreams. Not because you can but because you have to. ~ DuckWrth

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