Ezra Collective – No Confusion ft. Kojey Radical

Ezra Collective London-based jazz quintet, returns with the Douglas Bernhardt-directed visuals for “No Confusion,” featuring Kojey Radical. The track is a collaboration produced by Dylan Jones and Zeph Ellis, taken off their newly-released album “Where I’m Meant To Be.” via Partisan Records.

No Confusion” is both a celebration of Nigerian style and culture and a tribute to the late, great self-taught drummer Rhythm King Tony Allen, and pioneer of the Afrobeat sound, mixed with Ezra Collective’s unique blend of neo-soul, rap, funk, Jazz and traditional African drumming, that will make you want to dance.

The video’s opening intro shot starts with spoken commentary from the late Fela Kuti collaborator Tony Allen, sitting at a table with his back to the camera, remarks with brazen swagger.

This time around, just really want to go Jazz (Yeah)
Jazz make, no, Jazz, well, I’m sure you know, but
Everybody will think that I’m gonna be playing Jazz like the Americans (Mm-hm?)
No (Nah) um, I’m playing Jazz my way
Uh, yeah
Kojey Radical, Ezra Collective
Yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah

Verse 1
We know they don’t do it like this
They know we know they don’t do it like this, uh
Got sound, but it ain’t like this
Got Jazz, but I know it ain’t nothin’ like this

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