Dezzy Hollow – Slippin

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Oceanside, CA’s G-Funk Rapper Dezzy Hollow brings a party on tha avenue in his latest Daniel Ximenez-directed video, “Slippin,” from his latest Kayz-produced track via EMPIRE/MadStrange.

The track “Slippin” follows the release of Dezzy’s “One Nation Under funk” 15-track Album featuring the O.G. W.C. (Dub-C), Chicano legend Lil Rob, rhythmic wizard Suga Free, Texan hitmaker Baby Bash, and buzzing rap group Blue Bucks Clan.

“I reached out to a couple of artists that are O.G.s in the game that I’ve listened to since I was a kid. I got a couple of them on the “One Nation Under funk” album. From there, I just sprinkled my sauce on it. It created this nostalgic, old-funk, twisted sound with this new-age style. It’s something you don’t hear anymore, so it’s a style I’m going to keep creating.”

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