Collie Buddz – Take It Easy

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Collie Buddz is a renowned reggae artist whose latest single, “Take It Easy,” has created a buzz in the music industry. Take It Easy is a reggae-inspired song encouraging listeners to step back and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. In a world where everyone is constantly moving, the song reminds us to slow down and take things at our own pace. Collie Buddz’s smooth vocals and uplifting lyrics make the song an instant hit among reggae and dancehall music fans.

Collie revealed that he was inspired to write Take It Easy after a period of personal reflection. The artist realized that he was getting caught up in the stress of everyday life, neglecting the simple things that brought him joy. This realization prompted him to write the song, hoping to inspire others to slow down and appreciate the simple things in life.

Video Credits:

Director/DP: Zak Noyle (Eleven 17 Creative)
Producer: Kimo Kennedy (Eleven 17 Creative)
Assistant Producer: Hannah Domingo (Eleven 17 Creative)
Camera Operator: Joey Trisolini
Assistant Camera: Kam Keola (Eleven 17 Creative)
Drone Operator: Arvydas Pauliukas (Eleven 17 Creative)
Gaffer: Chris Balidio
Production Assistant: Justin Choi (Eleven 17 Creative)
Production Assistant: Jack McManus
Post: Post House
Editor: Austin Will
Color: Stephan Derluguian
Mix: Chip Sloan (Th3rd Sound)
Stylist / Hair & Makeup: Bailee Naka’ahiki
Talent: Chien Winter-Jardine

Song Credits:

Written by Collie Buddz
Produced by Collie Buddz alongside bandmates Jason ‘J-Vibe’ Farmer, Shawn ‘Mista Roots’ Mitchell, Ronny Gutierrez, and Noah Cronin of Sea Major Seven Studios

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