Berwyn – Bulletproof

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Emerging London-based Trinidad-born singer-rapper Berwyn Du Bois, aka BERWYN, returns with a new song, “Bulletproof.” Jonny Coffer and Chucks produced the track. BERWYN has been setting fire to the British music scene since his initial mixtape, “Demotape/Vega,” dropped in 2020. The mixed tape chronicles his tribulations due to an immigration conflict, culminating in a perpetual state of homelessness.

The perseverance of Berwyn demonstrates the resiliency of the human spirit in the face of adversity. He defied all expectations, which led to a record deal with Sony U.K.

Bulletproof” ushers in 2023 as the first single of the year, following 2022’s success of tracks like “3450/chasing Lights (demo)” and “Path to Satisfaction.” Berwyn’s emergence as an artist is undeniable. His artistry enthralls; his lyrics strike a chord. His music resonates with the audience. It’s music to get you through the bad times, good times and everything in between.

Bulletproof” is less about me and more about the people around me,” he explains. “It’s another part of my personality. I’m willing to do anything for the people around me; it kinda revolves around that. It also highlights the dangers of my job and exposes me as an individual with troubles. Relationships are a give and take, have my back, and I’ll have yours because I’m not safe, I will need help, and I’ll be more than willing to return the favour.”

Path To Satisfaction” recognizes the change that comes with growth. It acknowledges the path towards realizing my identity and anticipates the future of Berwyn, that a man can have two homes and his body will know the difference.

Path To Satisfaction Lyrics
Look at me shine
Know they hate it when you’re getting paid
But I got money on my mind
And fuck saving it, I wanna waste it
Spend it all tonight
‘Cause you don’t get nothing in this world without out no price
No, you don’t get nothing in this world by being nice
No, you don’t get nothing in this world unless you fight
But if I should die on my path to satisfaction (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
And I fall from the sky and I end up crashing
Just say a little prayer for me
Just say a little prayer for me, oh

The key to success in the music business is — and will always be – the continuous infusion of new talent. No matter where music comes from if it’s exceptional and can connect with audiences and make a profound positive impact – support it!

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