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zones. Vol2 by Ding

My names Ding I’m 26 from a small town in England called Scarborough. Iv played around with music on and off for the past 10 year whether it has been deejaying or production, its only been in the past 4 years that iv taken producing a bit more seriously.

My main musical influence has been hip hop/soul music but i like to keep my mind open to all genres. My style of producing varies, i try to make every track with a slightly different feel but id say my tracks are always built on a hip hop foundation. In the next few years i plan to experiment with a lot of different styles/genres to keep things exciting and so i can grow and learn as a producer.
My beats tend to be a lot shorter than normal fact for the simple fact that in this digital age of music people don’t tend to listen to full tracks so i like to get to the point quickly in a cinematic way.
The next 6 months I will have some more releases and I’m hoping to get some of my work released on cassette and vinyl. My main aim for the next year is to spread my wings a bit more, meet a lot more people within the music scene and try make a impact with my productions.

“My latest EP ‘Zones vol. 2’ is a short EP which is compiled with 10 beats that i have made over the past few months. Zone vol.2 ha a experimental/hip hop feel to it, each track is pretty short but quite cinematic. I like to create small adventures within my music and try keep the listener interested throughout the tracks. ” – Ding

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